These souvenirs are sold in Hong Kong only!!

You can buy these souvenirs in Hong Kong only!!

After going on a trip to Hong Kong and enjoying it as much as you can, we have to buy souvenirs at the end! For those who worry about buying what kind of souvenirs. I have recommended Hong Kong souvenirs!

1 Hong Kong limited taste “Cup Noodles”
2 The cutest character on the cover of Demae Ramen!
3 Sliced Mustard Tuber
4 Lipton Milk Tea
5 Hong Kong traditional tea
6 Golden Sweet
7 Cold Remedy
8 Do you need massage?
9 Herbal Candy
10 Healthcare Soup

1. Hong Kong limited taste “Cup Noodles”


Cup Noodles are about HKD$14 for 2 in discount. The taste only sold in Hong Kong is “XO Sauce Seafood  Flavor”! It is full of Hong Kong tranditional taste!! One of the Hong Kong people favourite instant food, always eat them when busy at work.

You can check the taste by clicking here.

2. The cutest character on the cover of Demae Ramen!



Demae Iccho are about HKD$35 for 9 packs. Demae Iccho XO Sauce Seafood Flavour and the Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Flavour Instant Noodle are the best taste so far among all the taste!

You can check the taste by clicking here.

3. Sliced Mustard Tuber


They are about HKD$14. It is delicious when you eat it with rice!! There are many Japanese buy it every time when travelling Hong Kong. It is a recommended souvenir in Hong Kong!

4. Lipton Milk Tea


Lipton Milk Tea are about HKD$60 for 2 in discount.

“Why do you need to buy in Hong Kong but not in Japan?” Milk tea is famous in Hong Kong and the taste is more strong than Japan’s. It is recommended to buy  spare at work!


5. Hong Kong traditional tea


Luk Yu Tea Bag is about HKD$12, around 25 small bags inside.

Luk Yu Tea Bag, is provided from a traditional Cantonese restaurant “Luk Yu Tea House” founded since 1933, has about 5 taste including Jasmine, Oolong, Iron Buddha, Pu Erh, Sow Mei White Tea.

6. Golden Sweet


Golden Oreo is about HKD$15 for 9 packs!

There are 3 pieces in 1 pack! The taste is not sold in Japan, please enjoy beautiful Oreo!


7. Cold Remedy


Nin Jiom Cold Remedy Concentrated Granules is about HKD$60, 10 sachets per box.

When you feel cold, you will be getting well after taking this one! It is combined with the Herbal! This product is not suitable for long term consumption or should be used in accordance with doctor’s instruction.

8. Do you need massage?


Tiger Balm is about HKD$34.

The smell is a little bit stronger than Japan’s. If you walk around Hong Kong and feel tired, put some on your body! You will be covered next day!

9. Herbal Candy



Nin Jiom Herbal Candy Original is about $7.

When you got cough or feel bad in throat, take a Throat Lozenge candy, it can smooth the pain in throat.

They are in different portable packages and different taste including original, lemon, mint, plum and apple!

10. Healthcare Soup


Eu Yan Sang Soup is about HK$80 per pack.

“Eu Yan Sang” founded since 1879, is one of the largest Chinese Medicine groups in Asia!

Eu Yan Sang Soup is 100% Natural, Authentic and Premium Herbalist-Choice Herbs. It can improve your inside body by different products, please read the instruction carefully.


Enjoy Hong Kong~!