DOCOMO Japan Welcome SIM卡 15 日無限上網

一向有質素保證的日本電訊商NTT  DOCOMO 推出專為遊日旅客而設的「Japan Welcome SIM」,提供 15 日無限上網SIM卡,插卡即可使用!無論在沖繩、大阪、東京或北海道,日本全國都可以上網,非常便利!!

Japanese telecommunications company NTT DOCOMO launched the “Japan Welcome SIM” for travellers. It is a 15-day unlimited Internet access SIM card. You can use the Internet anywhere in Japan, which is very convenient! !


相信喜歡去日本的你,現時會親自到「鴨遼街」或附近的小店購買預付數據 SIM 卡在日本上網,這些預付卡3天至10天不等,有些更需要到達日本後使用Wi-fi設定APN,既複雜又費時。

If you plan to Japan, you will visit a shop nearby to purchase pre-paid SIM cards. These range of pre-paid card is from 3 days to 10 days. Some of them required APN setting after arriving Japan, which is complicated and time consuming.

現在只需安在家中,旅行前使用電腦或手機在網站申請「d ACCOUNT」,出發到機場時觀看廣告影片及回覆問卷就可以獲得MB數!抵達日本後於機場指定地點向工作人員出示領取代碼或是QR碼以領取SIM卡,包括3種尺寸的卡片(標準/micro/nano)片,不需要設定APN插卡即可使用,簡易又方便!

Now you just need to be at home, register 「d ACCOUNT」by using your computer or mobile phone before your trip. Then, you can watch advertisement and answer questionnaire while going to the airport! After arriving in Japan, you just need to present the QR code to the staff in designated location to get your SIM card! It includes standard/micro/nano. It is not required APN setting. It is easy and convenient!

「Japan Welcome SIM」等於是15天的SIM卡!分別有3種計劃:Plan S,Plan W和Plan L。

「Japan Welcome SIM」 is a 15 day SIM card! There are three kinds of plans: Plan S, Plan W and Plan L.

計劃 Plan 費用 (含稅) Cost (Tax included) 數據 Data
Plan S 日圓 1,080 JPY 以128Kbps速度無限上網

Unlimited Internet access at 128Kbps

Plan W 日圓 1,836 JPY

首 500 MB 可享優待100MB ,超過600MB的話,速度將降至128Kbps無限上網。

First 500 MB + 100MB, when exceeding 600MB, the speed will be reduced to 128Kbps.

Plan L 日圓 2,376 JPY

首1GB 可享優待200MB ,超過1200MB的話,速度將降至128Kbps無限上網。

First 1GB + 200MB, when exceeding 1200MB, the speed will be reduced to 128Kbps.

可另外購買100MB (216日圓)、500MB (756日圓)、1GB (1,296日圓)為單位的高速數據量。

Additional high-speed data can be purchased in units of 100MB (216 yen), 500MB (756 yen), and 1GB (1,296 yen).

空閒時可以觀看廣告影片、填寫問卷、下載應用程式或閱讀文章等等,以獲取更多的數據量。When you are free, you can get more date by watching advertisement, filling out questionnaires, downloading apps or reading articles etc.


注意: Note:

  1. 申請後無法退款。Non refundable.

  2. 記得保存QR Code,領取SIM卡需要向工作人員出示QR Code。Remember to save the QR Code. You need to present the QR Code to get the SIM card.

  3. 申請日起的150日內(5個月)換取SIM卡。The expiry date is within 150 days (5 months) from application date .

  4. 使用SIM卡的手機能收取SMS。Mobile phone has SMS function.

  5. 留意指定地點。Please check designated location.

  6. 領取SIM卡後依照說明書上的步驟完成簡單的開通程序就可以使用!(在官方網站登入,輸入電話號碼和輸入驗證碼即可開通!)After you receive the SIM card, you can follow the simple steps on the manual to complete the  opening procedure.

如果預計5個月內出發到日本,可預先在網站註冊登記,閒時看看廣告儲MB數,抵達日本後得到更多的高速數據!If you are planning to Japan in coming 5 months, you can register at the website in advance. When you arrive in Japan, you will get more high-speed data!

限時Plan 0 Area!Time limit Plan 0 Area 

請留意如申請Plan 0 Area的話,需要在指定地點換領SIM卡。通常都是由申請日期開始直到額滿為止。現時只在新潟和廣島有限時優惠。詳情請看這裡

You need to get the SIM card at designated location if you apply for Plan 0 Area. It usually starts from the application date until the quota is full. There are only offers in Niigata and Hiroshima currently. Please see here for details.

介紹朋友獲贈額外數據!Refer friends to receive extra data! 


If you travel with your friends and family, you can apply the card together! The application until the end of March 2019 is available to get the introduce coupon code. Your friends register with the code, then both receive an additional 100MB bonus, up to 10 friends!



You can also log in to the official website to check the remaining data!

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